Apple Tree Trading L.L.C was established in 1993. We are a leading wholesaler of women handbags in the UAE. All our products are designed and customized in each season according to the latest trends. Our customers are from the Middle East & North Africa. Our strength- we are the largest stockist of ladies handbags. We have hired professional designers who customize models for us according to customer’s needs. We cater to fashion-forward decor bags and accessories for your everyday style. Our assortment ranges from high-quality women linen handbags to modern designs and superior quality at affordable prices.  We  allow fashion lovers across the world to create their  OWN everyday fashion styles.
The assortment selections have been extended throughout the years and the brand has been rolled out in the international markets. Today Apples bags are mainly available in boutiques and in departmental stores.
“A great brand is the reflection of a strong culture”
We are passionate about the colors, the chaos, and the complexity of the modern world. Our premium handcrafted leather bags and accessories are known for being colorful and glamorous. Through the vivacious hues, we always look forward to giving the customers something new. It is why we come out with a range of products that are introduced several times a year.
Grab a handbag that is pretty and practical for everyday style.
Upgrade your professional presence with Apples. Now we cater to our customers through E-Commerce.
-Apple Tree Trading LLC.